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Ó Broinies T-shirts


The Ó Broinies is running a Teespring t-shirts campaign to raise funds. All profit goes towards the operation of Àdhamh's Ó Broinies, for example buying prizes for contests, postage for packages to Àdhamh, etc. The campaign the ends the 22nd of February and we're hoping to sell 50 shirts by then.

Video: Outlander's Gaelic coach Àdhamh Ó Broin gives us a crash course in the beautiful language


Scotland Now.

picture was made by Udya!

The Ó Broinies has 1400 members


The Fangroup, Àdhamh’s Ó Broinies, just reached 1400 members! Mo chreach! Who would've thought that that would happen so quickly? To celebrate, there is a special gift for the members in the Facebook group: Check under the file section ;)

Happy Holidays! / Nollaig chridheil!

Video: Outlander Gaelic consultant Àdhamh Ó Broin speaks about Scottish place names and roadsigns - Scotland Now


Scotland Now article

Still on the hunt for ambassadors!


Tha sinn air a bhith an toir air daoine mhisneachail bho chionn ùine móire 'nis gus am feuch sinn air dualchainntean na dùthch' a ghleidheil beò.
We've been on the trail of passionate people for a long time now to attempt to make sure that the dialects of this country remain alive.

Tha 'm buidheann an seo aig DROITSEACH air crìonadh gu mór ré na bliana seo chaidh agas chan eil ach dithist againn thathast air fhàgail.
The steering group here at DROITSEACH has shrunk down over the last year to a great extent and there are now only two of us still left.

Tha seo air ciallachadh nach eil an uiread comais againn an obair a thoirt gu buill agas tha sinn air a bhith car mall 's sinn a' feuchainn air daoin' eile a thoirt a-staigh.
This has meant that we don't have the same level of ability to bring our work to its conclusion and we have therefore been somewhat slow on bringing other people in.

Ach chan e as ciall de sin nach eil e thathast gu sònraichte cudromach TOSGAIREAN eile fhaodainn air son nan dùthaich bhos 'as thall 's a' cheart eagal oirnn gum faigh a' chuid as motha de na dualchainntean am bàs taobh staigh nam blianaichean beaga ri thighinn.
But tis not meant in this that it isn't especially important to track down other ambassadors for areas near and far as we are under the same fear as ever that the greater part of the dialects will get the death within the next few years.

Mar sin, nach gabh sibh beachd air na chì sibh gu h-ìseal, crioman air a sgrìobhadh ann am Beurla cruaidh gus nach cuir sinn an dragh air duine sam bith nach leugh a' Ghàidhlig gu glan....
Therefore, will you please consider what you see below, a piece written in the un-supple English that we do not worry anyone who cannot read the Gaelic cleanly....

Bhitheadh sinn air ar dòigh air fad nam b' urrainn dhuibh ar cuideachadh le bhith toirt fios dhuinn air rud no duine sam bith a chuideachadh sinn agas sinn a' dol air aghaidh as aonais an dà-rìreadh na tha dhìth air son na leithid seo de dh'obair a dhèanadh.
We would be very pleased altogether supposing you could help us by passing on information on anything or anyone who could help us as we try to move forward with extremely limited resources for the type of work we are trying to make happen.

Chan eil taic-airgid air a bhith againn riamh. Cha robh ann fad na cóig blianaichean bhon a thóisich sinn ach misneachd fhéin agas daoine chòire. Githeadh, 's e seo thathast an rud as motha a tha dhìth. Bhitheadh sinn nur comain nan rachadh agaibh dad sam bith den leithid fiosrachaidh no ùine chur ris an iomairt agas tuilidh air sin nam b' urrainn dhuibh ar cur thun luchd-labhairt nan dualchainnt a bhitheadh toileach an ionnsachadh a roinn leinn.
We've never had financial support. There has been nothing these five years since we began but passion itself and kind people. But this is still the thing that would help us most. We would be in your debt if you felt you could contribute anything in the way of information or time to the undertaking or point us in the direction of native dialect speakers willing to share their knowledge.

Ciad mìle taing dhuibh!
100,000 thanks to you!

Radio interview with Àdhamh, by Iain on Beag air Bheag

November 27, 2014

Seall cò bha còmhla ri Iain air Beag air Bheag beagan seachdainean air ais! Tha an t-agallamh air loidhne fhathast agus tha e fìor inntinneach. Gasta!

Look who joined Iain on Beag air Bheag a couple of weeks ago! The interview is still online and it'll really interesting. Gasta!

Interview (UK only)


November 25, 2014

Àdhamh wrote: Aye! I will be writing the glossary for Diana's new book and what a thrill it is too. Mutual appreciation moves into professional collaboration....

Looking forward to getting started very shortly. Let the juggling commence!

Deagh naigheachd!
Good news!

Diana wrote: Another "Speaking Gaelic" video with Adhamh O Broin (there's an accent grave over the first "A" in "Adhamh," and an acute accent over the "O"), lovely Gaelic consultant for the "Outlander" show--and, if all goes well, Adhamh may also be writing the Gaelic Glossary for the second volume of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION! (Due out--I hope--in Fall of 2015.)

Àdhamh mentioned in Diana Gabaldon's latest book

November 22, 2014

Àdhamh has been mentioned in the dedication and acknowledgement of bestselling author Diana Gabaldon's newest book in the Outlander series (aka the eighth BIG book) "Written in My Own Heart's Blood". She was kind enough to let us scan the parts of the book and post it on the website. Check out the Gallery.

Video: Outlander's Gaelic coach Àdhamh Ó Broin gives you another lesson in the beautiful language

November 22, 2014

Scotland Now article: "WITH Outlander expected to be shown on TV in Scotland sometime in 2015, we invited Àdhamh to prepare Scotland Now journalist Paul English for the series' arrival, with a bespoke language crash course."

A thank you from Àdhamh (Gaelic Awards)

November 21, 2014

Although I didn't come away with the gong last night, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who nominated me for the International Contribution at the Scottish Gaelic Awards.

I was shocked to discover that the number of votes was in the hundreds and I imagine this must stand as some kind of record!

The Outlander Effect in full swing : )

What a lovely month after meeting the head admin of the Ó Broinies and good pal Kathi and receiving all those lovely things from everyone via the Dutch Express!

And now being humbled by a veritable tidal wave of votes....

Ciad mìle taing dhuibh uile! 100,000 thanks to you all!

From Àdhamh's Facebook page (Gaelic Awards)

November 20, 2014

Thrilled to see my friend Michael Bauer scoop the gong for International Contribution tonight at the second attempt!

Dwelly's dictionary being available online ALONE would be enough to win the award nevermind the innumerable other services he has rendered to the language over the years, not least the advice so readily offered on tricky points of grammar and orthography that plague us Gaelic Geeks from dawn til dusk.

Also thrilled to see Comann Eachdraigh Nis pick up an extremely well-deserved win after 40 years of serving their community and Nan MacDonald for 25 years of voluntary work with children, providing a Gaelic-immersion playgroup environment before the idea was a glint in most people's eyes.

"Chan e ach cailleach às an Rubha a th' annam" she says.... well, we're hoping there'll be enough speakers left to provide another generation of cailleachan às an Rubha, because we could fair be doing with them!

And finally, if it wasn't for certain malign influences..... aye, I'm looking at you "An Clàr Làitheil", perhaps they would have been receiving their rewards in an independent Scotland....

Co-dhìu no co-dheth.... ;)

'S math a reinn sibh uile, a chàirdean!


Gaelic Awards 2014

November 19, 2014

Hi guys,

As most of you know, tonight was the night of the Gaelic awards ceremony. Unfortunately Àdhamh didn't win though... A quote from Àdhamh:

"I lost to a very deserving winner, a great personal hero of mine who has done innumerable service to the Scottish Gaelic language"

Thank you all very much for all your help to get him nominated... There's always next year! ;)


Episode 65: Speaking ‘Outlander’ and sundry with Àdhamh Ó Broin | The Outlander Podcast

November 18, 2014

In this episode, we discuss recent announcements, and share the second part of our interview with Gàidhlig teacher and consultant, Àdhamh Ó Broin. Àdhamh also declaims “Moladh an Sàr-Bhod,” and shares his beautiful voice with us.


Video: Outlander's Gaelic coach Àdhamh Ó Broin gives us a crash course in the beautiful language - Scotland Now

November 18, 2014

WITH Outlander expected to be shown on TV in Scotland sometime in 2015, we invited Àdhamh to prepare Scotland Now journalist Paul English for the series' arrival, with a bespoke language crash course.


Scottish Gaelic Awards 2014

As most of you know, there is a Scottish Gaelic Awards ceremony on November 19. Many of you have nominated Àdhamh for an award (thanks!) and I'm happy to tell you that Àdhamh is a finalist for the international award. Competition is fierce, all finalists are deserving, but let's keep our fingers crossed Àdhamh wins. Keep you posted, Catrìona.


There are plenty of songs which can be associated with the movement for independence, some great, some historic, but some just old and tired.

While songs like Flower of Scotland will continue to be sung, there are fantastic songs that have come through over the last few weeks, like Macanta's "Be a Nation", anything you care to mention by Stanley Odd, Gerry Cinnamon's "Hope Over Fear" and Àdhamh Ó Broin & Eilidh Grant's "This Precious Land".

The 45% will contain a massive amount of musical talent. Think about it! 1.6 million people will contain a wonderful array of musicians and singers! It's a mouth-watering thought.

Some of the songs mentioned above don't need a new band to play them and we will have the immense pleasure of seeing the acts who came up with them soon as we attend 45% rallies, concerts and other events.

But there are many songs which have been written and don't have a band to play them, many songs as yet unwritten by people who either don't have a band and coud do with one to help perform their material, or who don't really like the spotlight, but have cracking independence-related ideas to get out there through the medium of music.

Our band will morph from form to form over the next few years, people will come and go, gigs will have wildly varying line-ups and we're going to have a huge amount of fun getting the message of self-determination for Scotland out there.

As things stand, we give a very warm welcome to:

Multi-award-winning vocalist and songwriter from North Ayrshire who sings in both Scottish English and Lowland Scots and also tries her hand at the Gaelic now and again!

Multi-instrumentalist, singer in Gaelic, Scots and English and prolific songwriter of catchy independence-related songs in all three tongues.

Àdhamh's daughter, at just coming on 16, Eilidh is a superb bass-player with an outstanding soul vocal!

We need a drummer, a piper, a fiddler, a pianist and anything else you care to mention as well as people who coud supply rehearsal & recording facilities and venues for shows as cheaply as possible to support the cause!


1) If you're a songwriter and you have a song, but no band? Get in touch! We'll back you up no bother!

2) If you're a poet who doesn't write music? Send us your stuff, we'll help you write music to it and arrange it for sound J

3) And if you feel you can contribute anything else at all, don't be shy!


Gu robh móran math agaibh! | Thank you very much!

Outlander Podcast interview

The girls of Outlander Podcast did an interview with Àdhamh in which he talks about his love for Scottish Gaelic and Scotland. You can listen to it here.


Today (18/8) a song was released called This Precious Land to mark a month's countdown to the referendum on Scottish independence. Scotland Now has written an article.

Please visit the link below to get the song for £1 or donate as much as you like to YES Scotland when you download "This Precious Land"....

And then sing along with the chorus.... and who knows maybe eventually the Scots and Gaelic too!

Your support for Scotland's self-determination is greatly appreciated!

Ciad mìle taing dhuibh :)

The link for the download of the song:

Sùil air fèin-aithne na h-Alba san là an-diugh (A look at the modern Scottish Identity of today)

This Monday, June 30th, at 21:00 GMT, Àdhamh will feature in a program on BBC ALBA about Scottish identity. So if you can watch [not available to viewers outside the UK at this moment], please do, it should be very interesting. It will also be subtitled for your viewing comfort, altho quite a bit of it will not be in the Gaelic.

The clip will give you a quick taste of what it's all about. The translation of Àdhamh's quote is:

"Britishness is something that's put on me from the outside,
-Scottishness is something that comes out from the inside"

He hopes you'll join him on Monday with a cuppa!


An Caolas Bodach The Kyles of Bute
We will very shortly be launching our crowdfunding adventure to build a website which will house all the evidence we have for the Dalriada Gaelic dialect. Reduced to one elderly native-speaking man and a single family of five new fluent speakers, Àdhamh's dialect is on the brink of extinction.

We hope that we can depend on your help to contribute to this project which will ultimately attempt as complete as possible a revival of the dialect and restore its position as an irreplaceable slice of Scotland's native heritage!

Stay tuned!

Scotland Now wrote an article in May 2014 about Àdhamh and his "Speak Outlander" videos

"The Scottish-based show’s Gaelic expert Àdhamh Ó Broin has produced a series of YouTube clips, which will help you speak like the cast of Outlander."