Don't forget: your very own Gaelic Consultant is for hire for all manner of Scottish adventures! Drop us a line to talk over dates and rates....

Tha fiughair againn ri cluinntinn bhuaibh!
We look forward to hearing from you! :)

Updated the Gallery!‬


Updated the gallery with pictures of Àdhamh's birthday and the Gathering of Outlander Deutschland, the FanmilyTreff 2016



I sometimes forget to remind you that my services are for hire :)

I get cloistered in behind my desk for days at a time and forget about valuable skills I have which would greatly enrich people's experience of Scotland.

I'm not a qualified tour guide. I don't have the blue badge. But I am a Scottish Gaelic Consultant, my time is for hire and without putting too fine a point on it, my knowledge is equal to many and second to few.

So if you're coming our way.... do let me know....

Slàn leibh! :)

Health be with you!

Happy 2 years anniversary to the Ó Broinies


February 20th was our second anniversary. For this occasion Catrìona, Dominique and Melanie made a little video which you can view in the group on Facebook. Go there and check it our before February 29th so you can still take part in the giveaway.



Edinburgh Sunday April 10th. Finally back on the live circuit in Scotland.

Any of the Scottish ‪#‎Outlander‬ contingent up for it?

Playing with the zany folk revelry that is Shipwreck Rats then dancing the night away to some funk courtesy of DJ God Holliday!

£5 in! ‪#‎bargain‬



Enjoyed the Gaelic in ‪#‎Outlander‬? Find out what came before in my short history of Scottish Gaelic on the Big Screen including Robin Williams, Ridley Scott and more!

Scottish Gaelic on the Big Screen — A Short History by Àdhamh Ó Broin

#‎NewJob‬ ‪#‎GaelicMentor‬‬


Absolutely thrilled to announce that as of very recently, I am now providing Gaelic language consultancy and mentoring for Bombadil Publishing, where youth writes for youth and I get to look excitedly over their shoulder!

Check out this interview with my new employer for my latest thoughts on the road ahead....

Gun còrd e ruibh!

Enjoy :)

Scotch the Band


People have been asking about Àdhamh's favorite music; here is a link to the newest album of his favorite live band from Holland. Check them out!

Purchase the bloody brilliant new album by Scotch and fall in love with my favourite group!

Get it on in the car and bang that steering wheel! :)


Holiday Greetings from the Ó Broinies


We had so much fun creating the birthday video for Àdhamh this year that we decided to also do it for christmas. We sent it to Àdhamh and here is his response:

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Best. Fans. In the world.

Love & languages.

Can't beat that.

Thank you.

You can watch the clip here.

Hand-printed Gaelic Shirts


Àdhamh writes:

Chuffed to bits to put my name to my friend's old-school, hand-drawn, hand-printed, Scottish-made line of Gaelic language products by 444 shirts.... apA Their first release could be said to be inspired by a certain screen couple.... to red-haired lads and brown-haired lassies....

....but I have a feeling that all hair types will be catered to in the not so distant future!

So if you're struggling for that extra present this year....

Share far and wide and support an independent Scottish business!



Àdhamh let us know that even though he's received the highest amount of votes two years in a row now, he unfortuntely again didn't win a Scottish Gaelic award... Thank you all who have helped with the voting and helping to spread the news... Always a new chance next year! Here is his own text from his Facebook page:

Massive thanks for the highest number of nominations two years running!

Massive congratulations to Ceòlas who won a well-deserved award for the second year in a row and to all the other dedicated souls who came out on top....

But the highlight of the night beyond anything else was the chance to meet the winner of the Best Contribution Award, Iain MacAonghais (bottom left with my great friend Màiri Ní Dhorchaidhe), for the first time ever.

Just Google "John MacInnes Scottish Gaelic" and you'll get the gist of the honour that was for me tonight.

Oidhche mhath leibh!
Goodnight all :)

Àdhamh in the Diana Gabandon's The Outlandish Companion Volume Two


Àdhamh wrote on his Facebook page:

The best kind of drudgery.... thrilled to see this out for purchase!

"While I did write most of it, I also had the kind assistance of several other talented people in supplying special articles.... and in doing the horrid drudgery involved in putting together lists; Susan Pittman-Butler, my invaluable assistant, and Àdhamh Ó Broin—Gaelic tutor and consultant for the TV show—who compiled the instructive and entertaining (Scottish Language) Glossary"

-Diana Gabaldon

Àdhamh nominated for the Scottish Gaelic Awards 2015


Great news! Àdhamh made it through to the nominations!!!! He's now one of the nominees for the International Award. Thank you all very much for all your voting! The ceremony is November 18th, so still fingers crossed that he'll take the award home with him this year! domain is online!


Àdhamh's new website dedicated to preserving the Dalriada dialect for future generations is now online. There is not a whole lot of content at the moment but keep your eyes peeled on the page because it will be updated.

Crowdfunder goal reached!


But keep spreading the word please, everything extra will go towards field work in Argyll.

Link to crowdfunder

News articles about the crowdfunder


The Scotsman: Outlander Gaelic coach saves rare Dalriada dialect

Deadline: Outlander coach saves Gaelic dialect by teaching it to his kids

Update on the crowdfunder


‪#‎Gáidhlig‬ Dhail Riata

Explaining what the Crowdfunder is all about in my own words....

We're just over the halfway point. And at 75% we're in good shape. Thank you most heartily once again to everyone who has contributed so far!

But.... we've still another 25% to raise before we can begin to make this dream a reality. It's something that's never been done before and will make history in Scotland. Your role in this quest will be something to be proud of for years to come.

If you haven't yet.... join us and help us push this over the line!

Gu robh móran math agaibh....

Many thanks



Please help spread the word and/or donate. Whatever you can do to help out is much appreciated.

Copied from the ‎Gáidhlig‬ Dhail Riata Facebookpage:

‪#‎Gáidhlig‬ Dhail Riata


The Crowdfunder is live! We are at your mercy and wait with baited breath to see whether the ancient tongue of the mid-riff of Argyll will survive into the next decade.

Whatever you can give, however you can help, you will be contributing to something absolutely unique and the first ever project of its kind in Scotland.

These are historic times. We are glad you are here to share them with us.

ar beannachd oiribh uile 's gu robh móran math agaibh....
our blessings on you all and thank you so very much....

Suas le Gáidhlig Dhail Riata!
Up with the Dalriada Gaelic!

Àdhamh has started his own business!!!


Copied from his own Facebookpage:


The moment is here. My consultancy business is launched. After ten years of hard graft and nine months of prep since I finished up on Season 1 of Outlander, I am thrilled to bits to be able to say that:

Scottish Gaelic Consultancy

is open for business!

Bespoke solutions include:
Film & TV, teaching, translation, MC & music, community projects

With a fiercely independent outlook and a distinctly "back to the roots" feel, if you're looking for something that will help your project stand out.... know where to come.

Check out the website courtesy of

and logo by Audrey Landry

Suas leis a' Ghàidhlig!
Up with the Gaelic! :)

Àdhamh's birthday


As you all probably already know, Àdhamh celebrated his birthday on June 3rd. The Ó Broinies ordered him a cake made by Emma of Emma’s Cakes n Stuff. Here you can see some of the preparations for the cake, little Àdhamh in Scotland between the standing stones and with the Ó Broinies flag in the flagpost :)

This is what Àdhamh had to say about it on his Facebookpage:



The work of the young Padawan. I am immortalised in cake and icing....
My children shall feast upon this bounty on the morrow....
Ithibh ur leòr!

Otherwise Catrìona has been collecting audio messages from fans to combine in one YouTube video, as a personal birthday wish for him. Brenda Scott of Brenda Scott Arts heard about the project and being a professional musician, immediately offered to create some musical pieces to play during all the messages. The result was beyond what was expected. You can watch the video here.

Àdhamh seemed to have liked it a lot too, seeing his message on his Facebook page:


So I may just have the coolest fans in the world....
....who else gets a video greeting in not only several different languages, but also several different dialects of English too!?

Ó Broinies, you people RULE!

Oidhche mhath leibh 's taing mhór, mhór!
Nighty-night and thanks so much! :)

So lets see what we can come up with for a next occasion :) Keep your eyes peeled on the Facebookgroup.

Àdhamh quotes his favorite proverbs in Gaelic


Scotland Now article.

A piece with Àdhamh


A little piece about Àdhamh.

Crowdfunder update: Help needed


Adhamh writes: My Scottish Gaelic dialect stands on the verge of extinction. There is one native speaker left who was brought up with the language since birth and he is now in his mid 80s. No need to refer to UNESCO’s levels of language endangerment to know that this is a critically endangered tongue!

Despite the fact that I’ve learned the dialect to fluency and taught it to my three mini-Gaels who speak it with great pride, we’ve got to find a way of branching out to ensure this beautiful and unique slice of Scotland’s heritage survives outside of my little family unit.

The Dalriada dialect has only ever been alluded to in print as a distinct Scottish Gaelic dialect. It has received so little attention over the years that there wasn’t even a name people could use to refer to it.

Having put that right and established a strong family foundation for the revival of this dialect of the mid-riff of Argyll, I have been thinking carefully about the next step over the last couple of years.

Making it possible for people to learn our dialect will require recources; from sound recordings of native speakers, to a dictionary of Dalriada words, to poetry, story and song to inspire along the way. Having learned from scratch myself with no support, I know only too well how much I can make the process easier for other folks coming up behind me if they have a whole range of exciting and inspiring materials at their disposal.

So what I’d LOVE to be able to do is to collate all of the recources into one place! A “one-stop shop” for everything Dalriada Gaelic, where people wishing to learn the dialect can come and be immersed in it in a way that has not been possible since the middle of last century and the death of the last habitually Gaelic-speaking generation.

I want to create a website that is attractive to the eye and easy to use and I’ll need lots of help to do this!

I also need to digitalise the fieldwork of Swedish linguist, the late Nils M. Holmer and the thousands of Dalriada words, phrases, stories and songs he collected from that last generation of native speakers. It is the largest body of evidence for the dialect and it remains unpublished and unavailable to the people of Argyll and to potential new learners of the dialect.

So this is my plan: raise as much as we possibly can which will go towards building a website capable of hosting everything required and processing the material for it, any necessary adjustments over the coming months, webhosting and our domain name plus something with which to help hold a launch night for the website. £5000 of this will go to Michael Bauer of “Akerbeltz: Gaelic resources on the web” for the first part of the painstaking and extremely time-consuming business of digitalizing Professor Holmer’s many notebooks.

It’s my life’s work to bring my language back from the brink of death. I would love to think that the old stories I tell and songs that I sing to my children every night will find a home in the hearts of new speakers, whether from Argyll or beyond.

I believe that if this is successful, the model could be used to revitalise other endangered dialects throughout Scotland. It would be a simply wonderful achievement and a precious legacy for this country.

I would be overjoyed if you felt you could help…. :)

What we would love now is for anyone, particularly from Argyll (but everyone from the rest of the world is of course also welcome), who runs a business or is artistic and could donate prizes for our Crowdfunder, to get in touch.

Examples of what would be incredible to receive are the following:

-If you have a B&B or hotel, could you donate a night for two for bigger donations, even off-peak, or a meal for two?

-if you have a crafty business, could you donate some handicrafts (made in Argyll)?

-if you are an artist, would you consider doing a painting, etching, sculpture, croché, small tapestry or anything similar?

-if you run an attraction of some kind, could we get a few free tickets to attend for people donating to the cause?

Or anything else Argyll or dialect-related you think would be nice?

We've never asked for help before, never received any funding or support, but knuckled down to the task at hand and are now proud to reveal the result.

If you are interested in helping out, please send us an email.

‬EveningTimes article


"Meet the Glasgow coach who taught Outlander star Sam Heughan how to speak Gaelic". Read article




My Gaelic translation of the famous song by Dougie MacLean as performed for the first time today at Coffee and Craic, Glasgow....



More on my dialect revival from just before I left for the States.

Thanks to Calum, Eilidh and the teams at both BBC Alba and

Here's the English translation:

"An effort has begun to try and revive an old Argyll Gaelic dialect. Digital recordings and exhibitions of Dalriada Gaelic will be made so anybody can learn it. This follows on from the work of linguist Nils Holmer, who made many Gaelic recordings in the area. Here’s Calum Maclean.

[Calum Maclean – Reporter] Dalriada Gaelic is perhaps not as well-known as other Argyll dialects. According to a man who has researched the language of the area, the dialect belongs to a broad area of mainland Argyll which takes in Knapdale, Kilmartin, Cowal and the Isle of Bute amongst others. As part of the new project, there’s hope that recordings and transcripts of the dialect will be collated in digital form.

[Àdhamh Ó Broin] There’s lots of other things in this country such as poetry and old songs and proverbs and things like that, information about place names and everything and to get one website where it could all come together – Holmer’s work, work I've also been collating myself over the past five years, the work of people such as David Clement and Fred MacAulay who did recordings in this country – that we bring it all together on a website in one place so that anybody who wishes to learn all about the dialect can access it.

[Calum Maclean – Reporter] Àdhamh regularly speaks the Dalriada dialect and he’s also taught it to his children. But according to research conducted by Dr Will Lamb a few years ago, there’s a danger that all Gaelic dialects apart from the Lewis and South Uist ones will die off.

[Àdhamh Ó Broin] We’re so used to being happy that the language itself hasn’t died, that we are almost happy to let the dialects die off. In my opinion this is a sad thing.

[Calum Maclean – Reporter] There’s hope now that people will support this project as Adam wants to show that it’s possible to revive Dalriada Gaelic.

[Àdhamh Ó Broin] I think this shows not just to Scotland itself and the Scots but to people around the world that a dialect that was in the verge of dying can be revived. All you need to do is put your heart into it and it will happen.

[Calum Maclean – Reporter] Calum Maclean, BBC An Là, Achadh an Droighinn"

Gu robh math agaibh!

LearnGaelic - Advanced - LearnGaelic with BBC An Là

Crowdfunder video


Àdhamh writes:


At last the time has come. My life's work is ready. Check out the vid!

We're on the verge of finally launching our Crowdfunder to create the one-stop-shop for all things Dalriada dialect and digitalise the Holmer Papers, the greatest unpublished collection of words, phrases and lore from the area.

After four and a half years of digging in the darkness, I'm ready to introduce my three youngest children and fluent Dalriada Gaelic-speaking children to the world.

Seo a-nis, a chàirdean:

Caoimhe, Lachann, Saorsa....

What we would love now is for anyone from Argyll, who runs a business or is artistic and could donate prizes for our Crowdfunder, to get in touch.

Examples of what would be incredible to receive are the following:

-If you have a B&B or hotel, could you donate a night for two for bigger donations, even off-peak, or a meal for two?

-if you have a crafty business, could you donate some handicrafts made in Argyll?

-if you are an artist, would you consider doing a painting, etching, sculpture, croché, small tapestry or anything similar?

-if you run an attraction of some kind, could we get a few free tickets to attend for people donating to the cause?

Or anything else Argyll or dialect-related you think would be nice?

We've never asked for help before, never received any funding or support, but knuckled down to the task at hand and are now proud to reveal the result.

However, this is only the very first step. The revival of this dialect will only be complete once it has become a spoken vernacular in its homeland and in the mouths of anyone across the world who wants to be part of something both old and brand new!

Please use the hashtag above and share this as widely as possible. The next step in our dialect revival depends entirely on you!

Gu robh móran math agaibh :)

Àdhamh will be on the “An Saoghal Againne” radio show the 24th


More info.

Archived news