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By Jolene MacKinnon from Nanaimo, BC, Canada on 17-12-2017
Hi Àdhamh,
I was lucky enough to hear you speak at Outlandish Vancouver in October. I spoke about how many of our first nations communities are trying to bring back their languages. Here's a link to a couple of articles about the making of film in the Haida language. It's pretty exciting for us. Thought it might be of interest to you.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
By Connie Cox from Berryville, Arkansas USA on 25-10-2017
I'm trying to learn Scottish Gaelic. I have the books,the cds and I still can't understand the grammar. Any help would be appreciated. Do you have a online course that would help me?
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By Jacquelin Young from Texas USA on 6-10-2017
Hi Adhamh, I've been reading your chapter in Oulandish Companion 2 and I've been having some trouble reading through the phonetic pronunciations and comparing those with the actual words. Tough for a Texan! Mainly what I wanted to refer to is the appalling descriptions of children being punished for speaking their native language. I was actually a little nauseous. I hope people are more tolerant today. It is beyond description that a government would want to completely wipe out an entire language. I'm happy you and others are bringing it back. Good for you!
By Mildmette from Armenia on 30-9-2017
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By Marion Meyer from Gelsenkirchen Germany on 28-9-2017
Hi, we are back in Germany now, never Forget the wonderful song at Ardvrech Castle.Thank you very much
By Courtney DeForest from United States on 2-9-2017
Mr. O Broin,

I was wondering if you had lessons on Dalriada dialect yet? I know you're probably busy but if you can refer me to somebody, I would be grateful. My husband and I have a 6 month old baby girl and we would love for our family to preserve the language as well. We both have heritage in Scotland and Ireland so we thought it would be best to choose either a type of Gaelige or Gaidhlig seeing that they both have different dialects. I was doing some research and came across your story with your family and to us it sounds right at home with us.


Courtney DeForest
By Coro Ceòlraidh from Buenos Aires Argentina on 18-8-2017
We are an Argentine chorus that sings traditional songs in Scottish Gaelic,we would like to sing your beautiful versión of ballad Caledonia, but as we only sing in Gaelic we want to know if you can provide us your version of the lyrics in that language and if you would authorize us to do the translation.
Sincerely regards, greetings from Buenos Aires
Coro Ceòlraidh
By gayle stephens from Norfolk England on 7-7-2017
I am a huge Outlander fan and would love to know what Jamie says to make everyone laugh in the Hall (ep2) when he offers to take the beating for Laoghaire? Would it be possible to have a translation please.
By Stephen St. Clair from United States on 28-6-2017
Hi Adhamh! Ginger from the Outlander pod show referred me to you, In January I had release on Amazon and Barnes and Noble my first full-length novel- Kindred Souls: Voyage of the Scotsmen. I'm now working on the sequel. What I needed while writing the first book and could now use for the sequel is some sort of language reference guide for everyday words that a Scotsman might say in conversation with someone who spoke English. Unfortunately(or fortunately!), Outlander is my only real reference of Scottish men and women talking both in Gaelic and English. Example words I'm looking for are can't, don't, with. Make sense? Thank you for your time!
By Judy Howard-Bath from Australia on 2-5-2017
Hi Adhamh, Hope you are well and happy :) I hope you don't mind this request but we have just bought a horse property in the country outside of Melbourne and with it comes the name 'SunnyGlen" which it has had for over 100 years. Because we feel we really can't change it (the locals know it as such) I thought that perhaps I could use the Gaelic spelling of 'SunnyGlen" as a partner name or even the name of my business (Equine Therapy) .. Would it be possible to provide me with what SunnyGlen is in Gaelic? It would be very much appreciated. I sincerely would like to get this right because goodness knows what I could come up with if left to my own devices 😜 Warm regards Judy Howard-Bath (nee Byrne)
Thanks for getting in touch. Nice to hear from a fellow Byrne. I have Byrne cousins over that side of Australia.

The translation you're looking for is Gleann Grianach.

All the very best,

By Connie Cox from Berryville, Arkansas USA on 16-3-2017
Hello,I'm trying to learn this beautiful language and was wondering if there was something I could download to help me learn correctly.I would like to learn from the best. Do you have a website I could use(tought by you). Thank you for your help.
Hi Connie,

This is Cat replying. Àdhamh doesn't offer any lessons (yet), but he always recommends Speaking Our Language on There are many beginners courses there, that could help you along :) I've started with those myself and thought they were fun to do! Good luck!

By Karin Lloyd from Shamong, NJ on 11-1-2017
Dearest Adhamh,
My maiden name is Hamilton. My brother visited Scotland in the 70s, and I have been fascinated in Scotland ever since I was a child. I wasn't able to actually visit Scotland until 2015. Although I had already read all the Outlander books and loved them, my draw to Scotland had a much deeper root.

When I visited, most Scots figured that since I was an American I must be here because of Outlander.

I assure you as much as I loved the Outlander books, I have been drawn to Scotland since I was a little girl. I don't know if you believe in past lives but I was regressed to 18th century Scotland.

My grandmother was off the boat German so I am only second generation American.

I have waited all my life to get a tatoo that was meaningful. I have finally decided that I want to have the word "breathe" in gaelic on my wrist with a semi colon after it.

If you are not aware the semi colon is a global awareness movement of mental health.

Anyway, I trust you to tell me that anail means breathe.

I'm putting that on my wrist with a semi colon after it. Please let me know this is an accurate translation of breathe.

Thank you so much God speed
Hiya Karin,

"anail" means "breath" rather than "breathe". What you want is:

gabh anail: -Gaelic
/gav ANNal/ -photetics
(take breath) -English

it's just how we say it. Please send me a picture via PM to Àdhamh Ó Broin: Scottish Gaelic Consultancy once it's done so I can add it to my tattoo photo folder of those I've assisted with this kind of thing.

I too, suffered greatly from mental health problems in my early 20s. I'm with you.


By Alison laird from Kingsbarns fife on 18-12-2016
Hello Adamh
My name is Alison
I was wondering if there's a chance I could get a few lessons when your not to busy.
Thank you
Hi Alison,

I've dropped you an email. Probably won't manage myself, but could recommend someone decent!


By Andrea Szabo from Canberra, Australia on 21-10-2016
Hi Adhamh,
Hope you and your family are well and thriving! I am an avid fan of Outlander and loving the gaelic!
I was wondering if perhaps you could help me? I play the alto recorder in an orchestra and a recorder piece called "The 17th's Farewell to Alva" from Brian Bonsor has the following notation : "Oo're no away tae bide away'"
Many blessings, Andrea
Are you wondering what it means Andrea?

It should be "you're no away tae bide away", should it not?

"you're not away to stay away / remain gone"

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