FanmilyTreff Outlander Deutschland 2016

In June 2016 Àdhamh joined Outlander Deutschland for a FanmilyTreff, at Schloss Buchenau, Germany.
The administrators of his fan group, Dòmanag & Catrìona picked him up from Düsseldorf airport
Taking a break in the Netherlands to take some selfies haha
Scottish Gaelic lesson for beginners
Àdhamh doing some translations for the participants of the FanmilyTreff
Àdhamh and his administrators
Patzi and Àdhamh
The whole gang.
Tùlach Àrd!
Àdhamh, Dòmanag, Theresa, Elke, Saskia, Jürgen and Catrìona
Theresa, Àdhamh, Saskia and Anne
Anne Marie and Àdhamh
Whiskey tasting
Anne, Àdhamh and Heike
Heike and Àdhamh
Memi and Àdhamh
Mucki Àdhamh and Katie
Christin, Tina, Àdhamh and Martina
Sabrina, Tina, Àdhamh, Memi and Patzi
Sabrina and Àdhamh
Elke and Àdhamh
Àdhamh and Saskia
Elke, Àdhamh and Anne
Pia and Àdhamh
Pia and Àdhamh
Time to say goodbye; Saskia, Catrìona, Theresa, Àdhamh and Anne
One last one before having to leave: Saskia, Catrìona, Theresa, Àdhamh, Daniela, Dòmanag and Anne

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